Saturday, September 17, 2011

Day 17

Today I visited the $1 Jewelry Store while out shopping with my daughter.  Yeah, I know...the jewelry there is gaudy and mostly cheap, but...its $1 for tons of great beads, charms and great decorations for scrapbooking.  What might not look good as earrings or a necklace could be a great embellishment.  I got one necklace with two rows of teardrop gems, very guady but I just opened the jump rings and I had 15 teardrop charms for minis or to put on other jewelry pieces and a length of chain to repurpose.  This store also sell little bags of beads and charms from things that I imagine get broke or come broken so I picked up 3 bags for $1 each filled with great beads, flowers and yummy pieces.  So, next time you see cheap costume jewelry think outside the box and try to think of what it could be if used in a different way!

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